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Youth sports tournament: World Sports Festival 

World Sports Festival (WSF): An amazing youth sports tournament in Vienna.

Welcome to the World Sports Festival (WSF), an amazing youth sports tournament in the heart of Europe! Around 2,300 athletes from the entire world competed in 12 sports at the WSF in Vienna from July 3 – 6, 2014

More than “just” sports

This event under the patronage of the UNESCO doesn’t just award the winners of each sport. In the spirit of the Olympic games, the WSF promotes universal thinking as well as intercultural exchange in addition to athletic competition: fairness, community spirit and honesty are important principals, which create life-long friendships out of this huge sports festival. This is how the WSF successfully connects a high-class level of sport with all the components of a great youth festival.

Be part of it

Whether you play for fun, in a club, or for a school – every athlete from 11 to 21 years old can participate at the WSF. Feel a little bit of Olympic flair and join other young people from all over the world for this athletic competition featuring sports like soccer, volleyball, swimming, taekwondo, basketball …

Understanding and exchange between many countries are the connecting elements between sports and this competition program.  It is amazing how fast a Bulgarian football player, American soccer player, Chinese volleyball player and African swimmer can sit together, learn more about each other’s experiences and background, and lay the foundation for new friendships.

Great side events

Sports are not the only thing to do during the festival. The social program has plenty to offer for everyone: one special highlight is the opening ceremony with the parade of countries, live music, and fireworks. The WSF has an accompanying social program for the duration of the entire festival – with activities such as karaoke, fun activities, parties, and much more.

Find out more at the WSF’s official website