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Music Tours 


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Would you like to go on tour with your choir or orchestra group? We can arrange your music tour experience anywhere in Europe along with all your travel itinerary details: arrival and departure, accommodation, trips and activities as well as concerts in interesting and first-rate performance venues.

Your musical performance and cultural tour should meet your needs and requirements. Let us take the stress out of your choir or orchestra tour planning and browse our music tour offers.

Concerts and performances

Depending on the size, repertoire and expectations of your music group, we organize tour performances

  • in historical buildings and churches

e.g. St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Vienna), Votive Church (Vienna), St. Peter’s Church (Vienna), Residence of Salzburg (Salzburg), Berlin Cathedral (Berlin), Notre Dame de Paris (Paris), La Madeleine (Paris), Sagrada Familia (Barcelona), Basilica San Francisco El Grande (Madrid), Basilica de Loyola in Azpeitia (Spain)

  • in famous concert halls

e.g. Salle Gaveau (Paris), Auditorium Rainier III (Monaco), Palau de la Musica (Barcelona)

  • in beautiful parks

e.g. Parc Montsouris (Paris), Arenes de Montmartre (Paris)

We guarantee that your music tour and concerts will be a complete success!

A direct line to local choirs and orchestras

We will organize for your choir or orchestra tour group to perform together with local musicians. These exchange concerts and performances often turn into the special highlight of your music trip. Enjoy the advantages of our many musical performance contacts and make your music tour into an unforgettable experience!


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Foto 1 costa-brava-123895_960_720[1] Sea Sun Festival Barcelona »
Go on a musical journey through Spain! Start your tour by participating in a choir festival – the Sea Sun Festival!
HIYF-Parade Harrogate International Youth Festival »
Are you a choir, orchestra, band or dance troupe that always wanted to travel together and perform in the UK? We invite you to take part in England’s oldest youth music festival.
6[1] World Orchestra Festival Vienna »
Send your young talents on a musically journey through Austria where they will have the great chance to meet other young artists from all over the world and to participate in an international festival.

Foto 1 barcelona-913762_960_720 Golden Voices of Barcelona »
Start your music performance tour by participating in a choir festival – the International Choir Competition «GOLDEN VOICES OF BARCELONA».
Foto 1 ritaglio_angeli_musicanti_titolo_2 Rimini International Choral Competition »
Go on a musical journey through Italy, home to famous musicians and composers! Conclude your tour by participating in a choir festival – the Rimini International Choral Competition and visit inspiring places during your journey.
Foto 2 vienna-228943_960_720[1] (1) World Peace Choral Festival Vienna »
The music capital of the world Vienna is welcoming children and youth choirs to be part of a unique happening and to promote world peace with other international choirs by the means of their music.

Foto-1-Montserrat5 Golden Voices of Montserrat »
Be part of one of the world’s biggest competitive choir festival for professional as well as amateur non-profit choirs and enjoy the holiday spirit created by the Spanish Mediterranean Coast.
Foto 1 Monteverdi Claudio Monteverdi Choral Venice »
Imagine yourself travelling to Venice and performing at stunning venues such as the Auditorium Santa Margherita or the Church of St. Salvador and you will get in touch with like-minded from all over the world...
by_Albrecht E. The musical heart of Europe »
Go on a musical journey in Vienna and Munich. Rehearse and perform together and explore Austria – home of famous musicians and composers.

header_paris_notredame Chansons francaises – performance tour »
This music performance tour takes you through the heart of France starting from the dazzling city of lights Paris.
header_madrid_by_night Canta conmigo – performance tour »
This tour is exclusively designed for music groups and choirs who would like to combine travelling to Southeast Europe with performances in unique venues.
SalzburgStadt(c)TourismusSalzburgGmbH680x300 Performance tour for choirs »
Performance tour for choirs in Germany and Austria for 9 days/ 8 nights

Castle Schönbrunn at sunset seen from a fountain in the square Choir/Orchestra Tour to Vienna »
Music has a long tradition in the Austrian capital and is the ideal place for your Music Tour: Experience Vienna and perform at prestigious concert venues
Asian girl reading a map near an arch in a mediterranean city on a sunny day Choir/Orchestra Tour to Paris-Nice-Monaco »
Experience a fascinating tour composition: Paris and Côte d’Azur and perform at an outstanding venue!
Top of Brandenburger Tor at night Choir/Orchestra Tour to Berlin »
Choir- and Orchestra Tour: Experience Berlin and perform at prestigious concert venues in Berlin!

shutterstock_88980592 Choir Tour / Orchestra Tour to Barcelona »
Discover the most beautiful places in Barcelona and experience an unforgettable concert appearance in the Catalan capital