Our strengths - PDM Plus

Our strengths – PDM Plus 

pdm_plus_colorWith its 20 years of experience the PDM Tourism Group is your partner for thematic group travel in the fields of sport, music and education in Europe. In order to intensify the experiential value of our tours, PDM provides the “PDM Plus”. A well-balanced set of add-on activities which you can select according to your personal preferences.

blaues_plusEducation & Culture

Get in contact with the European culture: Take part in a city quest rather than an ordinary city tour, go “behind the scenes” at theatres or meet members of the European Parliament.

violettes_plusCommunity & Relation

Experience your host country like a local: Enjoy home dinners, get in contact with locals and share sport activities or spend a day on a farm helping at the harvest.

gruenes_plusNature & Sustainability

Join our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts: Be part of one of our projects:  river cleaning, social activities in a kindergarden or reforestation.

rotes_plusBody & Health

The ideal physical-mental balance: Discover the surroundings during a guided bike tour, play sports with locals, have training camps together with local clubs or benefit from a menu planned by dieticians.

Unesco Logo

PDM Plus awarded by the Austrian Commission for UNESCO

„To travel means both directly and indirectly, to learn. PDM Plus Experiential Travelling facilitates this unique learning opportunity and opens the doors to unforgettable travel moments. Through it’s mediums, PDM Plus promotes an in-depth understanding of the travelled region and it’s inhabitants as well as examining the relationship between local social processes and environmental issues. For this reason, the initiative of the Austrian Commission for UNESCO was honoured as a UN Project of the decade for Education and Sustainable Development and is one of over 150 Austrian demonstrative projects, which have received the international UN Sustainability logo since 2007!”

Mag. Gabriele Eschig
Secretary General of the Austrian Commission for UNESCO


Our performance

Competences Details
Transportation Bus more than 5,000 bus days
Train more than 3,000 train tickets
Flights more than 1,200 airplane tickets
Accommodation Hotels 3*-5*Category more than 225,000 nights
Other types of accommodation youth hostels, guesthouses
Meals 2-4 course meals more than 400,000 set meals
themed meals Knight’s banquet, cooking courses, etc.
special dietary requests Kosher, Halal, Vegan,…
Tour Guides PDM Delegation Managers more than 200 PDM certified tour guides
Local tour guidance more than 1,000 contracted tour guides
Execution Multilingual team 10 languages
Efficient booking process max. 48h reaction time
Quality management personal selection of all hotels and restaurants
Safety 24/7h emergency cellphone, special safety plans

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