Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Responsible travels

The PDM Tourism Group’s corporate social responsibility management focuses its strategy on the commitment and responsibility to society and the environment.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a contribution to sustainable development beyond the mandatory standards. The PDM Tourism Group integrates environmental and social aspects into the company’s philosophy in order to be economically successful.

We place a high priority on preserving environmental and social resources.

Because we root our message of sustainable management in our employees, clients and partners, our chain of services becomes more aware of sustainability and our CSR policy becomes stronger and is continually being developed as part of our company’s strategy.

The PDM Tourism Group’s management has implemented ethical company principles in our corporate social responsibility strategy and is dedicated to corporate responsibility for society and the environment in the following three areas:

Social sustainability

To the PDM Tourism Group, social sustainability means working respectfully with our employees and taking social responsibility for our corporate environment. Team spirit, professionalism and honesty, along with respecting human rights and following child protective codes, play an essential role in our company culture.

Our relationship with clients and service providers makes it possible to create products, which reflect our commitment to sustainable management through cultural exchange, political education and environmental projects.

Environmental sustainability

Sustainability means protecting and preserving our environment and biodiversity for future generations. We move people and voluntarily oblige ourselves to record and publish our CO2 emissions, offset what we can, and to provide our customers and partners with this information. We use green electricity, separate trash and try to reduce and keep our paper consumption to a minimum at our workplaces.

Economic sustainability

Our Company proudly looks back on more than 20 years of experience in themed theme-specific travel. We helped more than 10,000 young people travel through Europe in the 2012 business year and booked more than 225,000 nights as well as 400,000 meals. Our powerful combination of professionalism and creativity has helped us make steady progress, which means we have been able to acquire more staff, customers and partners and broaden our markets.

CSR certification CSR certification »
The non-profit certification company TourCert awarded the PDM Tourism Group the corporate social responsibility label.
Protection of Children Protection of Children »
By signing the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children, the PDM Tourism Group is setting another benchmark for its CSR strategy.
Protection of Children Eco-conscious travel »
We move people and are proud to create unforgettable experiences in foreign lands through our products, leaving long-lasting impressions on our travellers.

Projects Projects »
The PDM Tourism Group supports social projects of all kinds. Find here a selection of our corporate social responsibility efforts.